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MAECI - CRUI Curricular Internships

Applications are currently closed.
Find below information about the last edition of the programme.

The CRUI-MAE Internship Programme is the result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Italian universities, with the support of the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) and offers students the opportunity to carry out 3-month internships, both in person and remotely, at embassies, consulates, offices of permanent representation and Italian cultural institutes abroad.

The programme is for students under the age of 29 who hold Italian citizenship and who are enrolled on a Master’s Degree Programme (‘magistrale’ or ‘specialistica’) (refer to the official call for applications). They must also satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • minimum grade average of 27/30 
  • a minimum of 60 credits for Master’s Degree Programme students; a minimum of 230 credits for students on Single-cycle Master’s Degree Programmes
  • B2 level of English 

NB: You must maintain student status for the total duration of the programme, so you may not gain your degree qualification before the conclusion of the internship.

You must give evidence of your language level by uploading any of the following to the outgoing mobility portal:

  1. A certificate issued by one of the certification bodies recognised by the MIUR.
  2. Self-certification of your study plan showing that you have passed the Università Cattolica BUSINESS ENGLISH or ENGLISH ADVANCED exam. Self-certification can be downloaded from your personal iCatt page.  
    Upload by selecting ‘other certificates’ on the portal.
  3. The date you took a Cattolica International internal language test to apply for an international programme. You test result must be B2.1 or higher.
    Upload by selecting ‘internal test carried out in the past’.
  4. Self-certification of enrolment on a Master’s Degree Programme in Foreign Languages and Literatures.
  5. Self-certification of enrolment on a programme delivered in English.

Applicants must take great care in choosing destinations, and refer specifically to the information in the Official Call for Internship Applications.

Application deadline: 18/10/2023 (at 17:00)
Programme dates: 15/01/2024 – 12/04/2024

  1. Read the call for applications
  2. Apply via the CRUI Foundation portal.
  3. Register on the outgoing mobility portal, pay the €35 application fee and upload the required documentation. 
  4. Upload certification you have to the application portal and wait for validation by Cattolica International.

When applications close, Cattolica International will pass the list of eligible students to MAECI-CRUI, who will carry out the final selection of candidates.

The Foundation usually completes the selection process within three to four weeks of pre-selection. 

Information about how to activate your internship and the procedure for applying for recognition of the programme as a curricular internship will be emailed by Cattolica International after the selection phase.

Grants are available for internships undertaken in person.

Further information will be provided to selected students.

Scholarships are available in the amount of €300 per month for up to three months, as long as the final month of your internship is of at least 21 days. If your internship is extended past three months, by a minimum of 21 days, you can apply for a grant for an extra month. 

N.B. You cannot undertake this internship at the same time as another mobility programme abroad and scholarships cannot be combined with any other funding provided by the Università Cattolica International Office, nor can further funding be applied for during your stay abroad through other programmes.

Students who take part in an international programme promoted by Cattolica International must sign up to the "Student Safety Package" which includes insurance cover and an emergency app. The package costs €50. 

In addition, all students departing on Cattolica International mobility programmes are required to:

  • refer to the official channels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular the Viaggiare Sicuri site, to find information on requirements for entry into the destination country (documentation required, visas and so on) 
  • register on the Farnesina website.


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