Stage e tesi all'estero

The STage E Placement Portal



By accessing the  STEP Portal, all students and recent graduates up to 12 months after graduation can consult and apply for internship offers abroad.

Each internship offer has different characteristics according to the criteria desired by the individual companies, with regard to the period, academic background and language skills required (see individual job description).

In view of the global emergency related to COVID_19, the offers on the portal are currently limited, especially for internships in presence or in non-European countries.
The published job offers will be constantly monitored in relation to developments in the health situation and international travel restrictions. The internship offers available and the way in which they are carried out may change during the selection phase, before the start date or during the course of the internship itself.
Should health conditions in a given country result in the internship being interrupted, the intern may be offered to complete the internship remotely.

Students wishing to apply are required to:

  • favour international internship offers in remote mode and postpone departure whenever possible;
  • inquire at UCSC International and at the foreign company about the risk conditions associated with a possible departure;
  • get informed via the website Travelling Safety about any obligations that the journey to one's destination may entail (e.g.: compulsory quarantine, need to be swabbed, etc.)
  • sign the Student Safety Package and the Information Note (Read more). For internships activated via the STeP Portal, the Student Safety Package will be activated without a request for payment).



  1. Read the regulation 
  2. Check the Job Offers available on the STEP portal 
  3. Pay the application fee of € 35 (valid for 6 months - non-refundable): Students - Graduates
  4. Apply by sending your CV and Cover Letter. You can use these templates:CV e cover letter 

For students selected by companies, via the STEP Portal it is possible to:

  • Apply for a scholarship (see Regulations for details)
  • Start the procedure for requesting approval of ECTS credits for curricular internships (for those curricula that provide for it) via the STEP portal. Read the intership activation guide per le specifiche fasi di attivazione.
  • Read the internship activation guide for the specific activation steps.
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