Italian Assistant Teachers

Italian Assistant teacher – WAATI Western Australia

Italian Assistant Teacher - WAATI Western Australia
Cattolica International, in collaboration with WAATI (Western Australia Association of Teachers of Italian), offers the opportunity to make an application for the post of Italian language assistant at primary, middle and high schools in the district of Perth (Western Australia).

The selected students will work in support of an Italian language teacher. Activities may be performed in person or remotely.  

It is aimed at students and recent graduates (within 12 months of graduation) from the faculties of:

  • Linguistic Sciences
  • Education 
  • Arts and Philosophy

There is no requirement for a specific language certificate but you do need to have a high level of written and spoken English.

Winter Session

  • Programme dates: 31 January - 28 March 2024 
  • Closing date for applications: 30 November 2023

Spring Session

  • Programme dates: 15 April - 28 June 2024
  • Closing date for applications: 15 February 2024

Summer Session

  • Programme dates: 15 July - 20 September 2024
  • Closing date for applications: 9 May 2024

Those selected for the programme will be required to:

  • present new perspectives and trends in Italian culture; 
  • correct student assignments, providing written feedback; 
  • provide tutoring to small groups of students; 
  • create multimedia presentations; 
  • develop educational resources; 
  • prepare tests for students; 
  • record spoken conversations.

These activities will be carried out for a total of 20 hours per week (normally consisting of four working days and three rest days). There is no salary for the post or reimbursement of costs. 
A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the period in post.
Participants in the programme will be responsible for: 

  • their return flight
  • visa fees (Working Holiday visa / Visa for tourism)
  • personal expenses while abroad

The WAATI Association offers those undertaking the programme in person food and accommodation with a host family for the duration of the programme.
The language assistants will stay with families of students from the schools involved in the programme. Participants are expected to join in the family routine and help the children with the Italian homework. 

8 per session (to be confirmed)

  1. Sign up for an infosession on the programme
  2. Apply online, selecting from the options available and uploading the required documentation

When applications have closed, the International Office will forward eligible completed applications to the WAATI contact person.

WAATI will carry out the selection process based on the following criteria:

  • previous experience;
  • specific requirements of the school in question;
  • English language level.

Those selected will be asked to confirm within 5 days that they wish to take part in the programme.

Should a selected student refuse the offer or not confirm in time, WAATI reserves the right to contact a reserve candidate. Participants will be notified of the name of the school and the teacher’s email address when they have confirmed that they will take part, approximately two months before the start of the programme.

Selected students will have to apply for a Working Holiday visa, which can only be applied for after being selected. It is each student’s responsibility to check conditions and timings for obtaining a visa. 

All students who take part in an international programme promoted by Cattolica International must take out the "Student Safety Package" which includes insurance cover and an emergency app. The cost for this is €50. 

In addition, all students on Cattolica International mobility programmes are required to:

  • register on the Farnesina website
  • keep up to date on the international situation via official channels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in particular refer to the Safe Travel site for information about any provisions in force for entry into the country where the programme will be carried out.


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