Collaborative Online International Learning

COIL Agricultural markets and procurement in the context of sustainability

The aim of the course is to explore value chains in collaboration with international students from Italy, Switzerland and The Netherland and, at the same time, to learn working in virtual international Teams featuring different expertise (agriculture, business and economics and food technology). The aim is that the students collaborate to define the characteristics of the value chain and make at least one proposal to improve it.  Improvements can mean in terms of sustainability or in terms of adjustments to leverage markets (for example prices/demand/offering, emerging value chains with particular benefits and agricultural, scientific, consumer/strategic/business point of view). The main topics will focus on: characteristics of agricultural markets; procurement dynamics, purchasing strategies and operations; commodities, factors influencing quality and prices.

Partner Universities:
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Zurich, Switzerland), The Hague University of Applied Sciences (The Hague, Netherlands)

UC Academic coordinator:
Prof.ssa Giorgia Spigno (, prof. Daniele Rama (, prof.ssa Roberta Dordoni (, prof.ssa Elena Castellari (

addressed to students enrolled in

  • 2nd and 3rd year of BSc in Scienze e tecnologie alimentari (Piacenza and Cremona campus) 
  • 2nd and 3rd year of BSc in Food Production Management (Piacenza campus)

19 February – 31 May 2024

Number of participants:

Application deadline:
13 February 2024

Credits recognition: 

  • Commercializzazione e Marketing dei prodotti agricoli e alimentari 6 CFU (students of the BSc in Scienze e tecnologie alimentari – Piacenza campus)
  • Marketing agro-alimentare 6 CFU (students of the BSc in Scienze e tecnologie alimentari – Cremona campus)
  • Food Marketing 4 CFU (students of the BSc in Food production management – Piacenza campus)

To request the validation of the exam, download and follow the instructions for filling in the Program Plan that you find in the International Mobility Portal after your application.

The application fee is covered by the Faculty.

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