Semester and Double degree

Calls for the 1st sem. 2023/24 will open at the end of October. To better prepare yourself, take part in an online preview session!
September 30th at 13.00 - October 11th at 5.00 pm

Università Cattolica is a partner of the ISEP exchange network, which with around 200 destinations offers students study opportunities worldwide.
For semester 2 of the academic year 2022/2023, a maximum of 35 students may be selected.
The programme opens twice a year: in October/November for departures in semester 1 of the following academic year and in March/April for departures in semester 2 of the following academic year.

Once confirmation of their destination has been received, it is the responsibility of the students to submit requests for examination approval. It will therefore be necessary to:

  1. follow the directions of your Faculty and consult your examination history
  2. carefully read the specific academic indications for each destination, contained in the notes/flyers or on the websites of foreign universities (access to the entire range of courses is not always permitted)
  3. participate in meetings with the contact persons of the individual Faculties

Obtaining approval of an examination by the professors in charge does not automatically guarantee access to the course at the foreign university, as

  1. the course abroad may run out of available places or be cancelled/shifted by semester: it is advisable to propose as many exams as possible for approval
  2. you must check that you meet any prerequisites for access to foreign courses
  3. check that the Cattolica examinations for which approval is sought can be included in the degree curriculum, in accordance with the rules of your degree programme

Note: it is necessary to pass the examination abroad, course attendance is not sufficient for recognition.

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Cattolica International is offering 35 scholarships worth €800, which will be awarded to the first students on the merit list, in proportion to the number of students enrolled per Faculty.

When registration closes, following the announcement of the scholarship allocation, all registered students will be asked to confirm their willingness to join the programme.
The total participation fee of € 5,560 entitles you to the following services at the host university:

  • Matriculation: the fee covers the costs of the registration fee for the entire study period. Please note that access to some departments and/or courses may be restricted or closed to ISEP students (see information sheet to individual universities).
  • Accommodation or remuneration paid in the form of salary for the entire period of stay including the examination session and holiday periods. The standard type of campus accommodation is shared rooms in university residences (Residence Hall or International House). In some cases, accommodation with families is provided.
  • Food: the student is entitled to a minimum of 19 meals per week during the semester, provided in the form of a canteen pass, meal vouchers or stipend.
  • Orientation and general services.

The total participation fee must be paid as follows:

  • Placement fee €435, for pre-selected applicants only, when filling out the ISEP application. In case of withdrawal €125 will be withheld;
  • Programme fee €5,125, upon acceptance of placement.

Deadlines and payment details will be communicated directly to the student together with the confirmation of the assigned foreign location approximately in March/April. In case of cancellation after accepting the placement €535 will be withheld.

The following are also the responsibility of the student:

  • ISEP Student Health Insurance: all students, within 45 days of their departure date, must COMPULSORILY subscribe to ISEP medical insurance, which costs $95 per month;
  • travel expenses (airfare);
  • expenses related to obtaining a visa;
  • expenses related to academic material;
  • anything not expressly specified in the preceding paragraph.

The selected students will be regularly enrolled at Cattolica even during their stay abroad and will have to continue paying university fees according to the deadlines dictated by the relevant office at Università Cattolica.

Some examples of documents that may be requested in order to obtain scholarships:

  • University ISEE: the ISEE document may be requested for specific university use
  • Expense receipts: we advise all students to keep receipts for payment of accommodation, transport, flights, etc.


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