Università Cattolica is partner of the ISEP exchange network: with more than 200 destinations it offers students study opportunities all around the world.

Up to 30 students may be selected for the 1st semester 2024-2025.

The programme opens twice a year: in October-November for departures in the 1st semester of the following academic year and in March-April for departures in the 2nd semester of the following academic year.

Online info session (all campuses, except Medicine Rome campus):

Date Time Participate
2 November 11.00 Access the meeting
13 November (session in English) 10.30 Access the meeting
22 November 11.30 Access the meeting
5 December 15.30 Access the meeting


Milano campus

Via Carducci 30 (check the room and the entrance)

Date Time Registration
8 November 16.30 Register here
17 November 14.30 Register here
28 November 10.30 Register here



Rome campus

Date Time Room
8 November - only Faculty of Medicine 15.00 Room Necchi - Istituti Biologici
15 November - only Faculty of Economics 15.00 Room 105 – Building Faculty of Economics
30 November - only Faculty of Medicine 15.00 Room 7 - Polo Giovanni XXIII
6 December - only Faculty of Economics 15.00 Room 106 - Building Faculty of Economics

Brescia campus

Date Time Room
9 November 14.30 room LANA – Via Trieste
23 November 14.30 room TREDICI – Via Trieste 


Piacenza campus

Date Time Room
8 November 11.30 Room ALFA
12 December 11.30 Room ALFA


Once you have received confirmation of your destination, it is your responsibility to submit applications for exam approval, as follows:  

  1. Follow the instructions for your Faculty and consult your exam record.
  2. Read carefully the specific academic instructions for each destination, which can be found in the flyers/notes or on the destination university website (NB access to the complete educational offer is not always available).
  3. Attend meetings with the representatives of individual Faculties.

Approval of an examination by the relevant academic staff at Cattolica does not automatically guarantee access to the course at the destination university, since:

  1. the course abroad may run out of available places or may be cancelled/moved to another semester: for this reason it is best to propose as many exams as possible for approval
  2. prerequisites for acceptance on a course abroad have to be verified
  3. you must check that the Cattolica exams that you are applying approval for can be included in your study plan, in line with the rules of your degree programme. 

NB You must pass the exam abroad. Course attendance is not valid for purposes of recognition. 

Faculty regulations and examination history

Cattolica International offers individual study grants to the value of €800 until funds are available.

At the close of applications, students selected for the programme will be asked for confirmation that they wish to take part in the programme.

The € 5,700 fee to take part in the programme entitles you to the following services at the host university:

  • Enrolment: the fee covers the enrolment fee for the entire study period. Please note that access to certain departments and/or courses may be restricted or closed to ISEP students (see the information sheet for each university).
  • Accommodation or cost of accommodation in the form of payment for the entire period of stay including the examination session and vacation periods. The standard type of accommodation on campus will be accommodation in shared rooms in university residences (Residence Hall or International House). In some cases accommodation will be with families.
  • Meals: students are entitled to a minimum of 19 meals per week during the semester, provided for in the form of a canteen card, meal vouchers or payment.
  • Orientation and general services.

The total fee for the programme is to be settled as follows:

  • Placement fee of €570, to be paid by pre-selected applicants at the ISEP application stage. Students who withdraw from the programme will be reimbursed this fee less a retained sum of €125.
  • Programme fee of €5.130, to be paid on acceptance of the placement.

Students will be provided information on deadlines and details of payment for the programme fee together with confirmation of their destination university. The placement fee will not be refunded if students withdraw after accepting the placement. 

Students must also bear the following costs:

  • ISEP Student Health Insurance: it is compulsory for all students to take out ISEP medical insurance by 45 days before departure; the cost of this cover is $100 per month
  • Travel expenses 
  • Cost of obtaining a visa;
  • Expenditure on academic material;
  • Any other costs not set out in the previous paragraph.

Students selected for the programme will be properly enrolled in Cattolica during their stay abroad and will have to continue to pay university fees in line with the deadlines set out by the pertinent Cattolica office.

Examples of documents that may be required for payment of your study grant:

  • ISEE form: an ISEE document may be requested to be used specifically by the university
  • Receipts: students are advised to keep receipts of payment for accommodation, transport, flights etc.

All students who take part in an international programme promoted by Cattolica International are required to sign up to the "Student Safety Package" which comprises an insurance policy and an emergency app. 

Students selected for the programme will be provided with information about costs and how to activate the service. 

Please note that destination universities may require students to take out additional insurance cover. This means in these cases students will have to take out double insurance cover since the “Student Safety Package” is an obligatory requirement.  

In addition, all students leaving on Cattolica International mobility programmes are required to:



Cattolica International - MILAN
Phone: 02 7234 5252

Cattolica International - BRESCIA
Phone: 030 2406 250

Cattolica International - PIACENZA
Phone: 0523 599 107

Cattolica International - ROME
Phone: 06 3015 5819

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