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Free Mover

The Free Movers programme is directed towards Cattolica students enrolled in the following faculties:

  • Economics (Milan and Rome)
  • Interfaculty: Economics - Arts and Philosophy
  • Economics and Law (PC Economics)
  • Law
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Political and Social Sciences (Milan and Brescia)
  • Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures (Milan and Brescia)
  • Medicine and Surgery (only students enrolled on the Medicine and Surgery Degree Programme)

The Free Movers programme allows students to apply to foreign universities (within and outside the EU) with agreements with their faculty to spend a semester there at their own expense.

Students in the Faculties listed above and who are properly enrolled in Cattolica can apply for the programme.

RESTRICTIONS: students in the Faculty of Economics (Milan and Rome) and Interfaculty Economics – Arts and Philosophy can only take part starting from the third year of enrolment.

If you are interested in the programme you must contact the universities that have an agreement with your faculty.

Specific points to verify:

  • Destination universities accept Free Movers at their own discretion so you must check that they admit Free Movers, i.e. you can be admitted as a paying student. 
  • Check conditions and costs of the semester abroad at each destination
  • Check the academic offer available to Free Movers
  • Ask for information on the enrolment procedure at the university abroad and the deadline for submitting applications.

  • The destination I am interested in does not have an agreement with my faculty:
    If the selected destination does not have an agreement with the faculty, approval of the mobility will be in the form of recognition of exams, which you must apply for via the subject representative of the faculty.
  • The destination university offers me an "Exchange" mobility:
    Mobility in the form of "Exchange" is only possible by winning a place via the Exchange programme. You must inform Cattolica International of this offer so that the position of Free Movers i.e. paying students can be clarified. 

Follow the instructions for your faculty on this page to submit applications for approval of exams.

You must apply for exam approval during the application stage. NB This cannot be done after departure. 

It is your responsibility to apply for exam approval. 

All students will be covered by the insurance policy taken out by the University in collaboration with Axa.

In addition, the "Student Safety Package" will be activated, with which you can download the "Safety Check Students" app for geolocation and immediate communication in an emergency.

Applicants will be provided with further information on how to activate the package. Please note that Cattolica cannot guarantee departure if the international context or the destination country doesn’t allow for safety while in mobility. 

Attend an infosession to clear up any doubts or queries you have:

  • 27 September, at 11.30 - in person in Via Carducci (the room will be listed at the entrance on the day) 
  • 25 October, 10.30 am - online: Click here to attend the meeting

To apply to the programme you need to hold an official letter of acceptance from the University abroad, that you will uploaded in your online application and will be validated by the International Office.

To take part in the programme you must register and pay an application fee and the Student Safety Package of € 135.



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