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Calls for the 1st sem. 2023/24 will open at the end of October. To better prepare yourself, take part in an online preview session!
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The Exchange (Erasmus+ & Overseas) programme enables students at Università Cattolica to apply for a semester or academic year in one of the European destinations of the Erasmus+ network and/or in one of the Overseas destinations outside Europe.
The call for applications opens twice a year: in October/November for departures in the 1st semester of the following academic year and in March/April for departures in the 2nd semester of the following academic year.

Once confirmation of their destination has been received, it is the responsibility of the students to submit requests for examination approval. It will therefore be necessary to:

  1. follow the directions of your Faculty and consult your examination history
  2. carefully read the specific academic indications for each destination, contained in the notes/flyers or on the websites of foreign universities (access to the entire range of courses is not always permitted)
  3. participate in meetings with the contact persons of the individual Faculties

Obtaining approval of an examination by the professors in charge does not automatically guarantee access to the course at the foreign university, as

  1. the course abroad may run out of available places or be cancelled/shifted by semester: it is advisable to propose as many exams as possible for approval
  2. you must check that you meet any prerequisites for access to foreign courses
  3. check that the Cattolica examinations for which approval is sought can be included in the degree curriculum, in accordance with the rules of your degree programme

Note: it is necessary to pass the examination abroad, course attendance is not sufficient for recognition.

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All students taking part in an international programme promoted by Cattolica International must compulsorily subscribe to the 'Student Safety Package', which includes an insurance policy and an emergency app. 

Costs and modalities will be made known directly to the selected students.

Please note that the activation of the 'Student Safety Package' does not exclude the possibility that an additional insurance package may be required by the university of destination. In this case, students will have to take out double insurance.

In addition, all students departing on Cattolica International's mobility programmes are required to:

Read all about the Student Safety Package

Cattolica International - MILAN
Tel: 02 7234 5252

Cattolica International - BRESCIA
Tel: 030 2406 250

Cattolica International - PIACENZA
Tel: 0523 599 107

Cattolica International - ROME
Tel: +39 06 3015 5819


To support mobility costs, Erasmus+/Cattolica/MUR grants will be provided for all selected students, with the aim of supporting as many students as possible for as many months spent abroad as possible.

The total amount of funds available for the academic year 2022/23 will be known to the Office during July 2022; based on the total number of students selected for both semesters 2022/23, only at that time of the year will it be possible to verify the actual availability of funds to cover all or part of the mobility.

In the event of insufficient availability, a distribution of funds will be made taking into account the same merit rankings drawn up for the allocation of places, with a proportional distribution among the Faculties - based on the number of those selected. Some students may therefore find themselves in the position of students benefiting from Erasmus+/Exchange status but with 'zero grant'. Even in the case of teaching activities followed entirely online from Italy, students will benefit from Erasmus+/Exchange status but with 'zero grant'.

The selected students will be regularly enrolled at Cattolica even during their stay abroad and will have to continue paying university fees according to the deadlines dictated by the relevant office at Università Cattolica.

The Exchange Programme does not require you to pay any academic fees at the foreign university.

Scholarship students will be sent instructions and forms for obtaining the scholarship that will support the student's expenses. The scholarship is disbursed in two instalments, the first after departure, the second on return, subject to submission of the documentation required by the international office.


  • The selected students are responsible for the costs of travel, board and lodging, teaching materials, any insurance costs, and visa costs.
  • The amount of the Erasmus+ stipend varies slightly per destination, based on tables defined at European level that take into account the cost of living in the individual countries.
  • Students who may be awarded an Erasmus+ grant may not simultaneously benefit from another Community grant (Erasmus+ Placement, Erasmus+ Mundus, Leonardo, etc.) nor from a grant for an internship or thesis abroad.
  • Students already benefiting from an EduCatt grant may apply to EduCatt for an additional grant to support their learning experience abroad.
  • Students who inform the office of any disabilities will be able to compete nationally for additional grants.
  • Students selected for destinations in Switzerland or the UK, i.e. outside the Erasmus+ network, will be given specific information on the availability and value of scholarships.

Below are some examples of documents that may be required to obtain scholarships:

  • University ISEE: the ISEE document may be requested for specific university use
  • Expense receipts: we advise all students to keep receipts for payment of accommodation, transport, flights, etc.
  • Completed Online Learning Agreement: all those selected for an Erasmus+ destination will receive guidance on how to complete this document
  • Study Period Certificate: official document certifying the start and end date of Erasmus+ or Overseas

Erasmus+ mobility is possible in Cattolica through the Exchange programme.

The EU Erasmus+ regulation allows Erasmus+ status for study up to a maximum of 12 months per study cycle or up to 24 for integrated courses, so it is possible to repeat an Erasmus+ experience during a graduate degree programme even if already done during an undergraduate degree programme or a second time within 5 or 6 years in the case of an integrated five-year/six-year degree programme.

You can also repeat the Overseas experience several times during your university career.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the general quality framework for European and international collaborative activities that an institution can carry out within the Erasmus+ programme. Any higher education institution based in a country participating in the programme and wishing to take advantage of the opportunities for mobility in studies and/or collaboration to promote innovation and the exchange of good practice, provided by Erasmus+, must be in possession of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).
In order to receive the ECHE, institutions apply to the European Commission, ensuring that they comply with the programme's core principles and sharing their internationalisation strategy in detail in the Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) section.
Below are the ECHE and EPS of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, valid for the Erasmus+ 2014-2020 and 2021-2027 programmes.

ERASMUS Student Card

ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014 – 2020)

ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021 - 2027)

European Policy Statement 2014 - 2020

European Policy Statement 2021 - 2027

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