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Requisiti linguistici

For the Exchange, ISEP and Study Abroad programmes currently open, international certifications and internal tests successfully taken as of 1 October 2020 will be considered valid.

It is emphasised that where TOEFL and/or IELTS certification is specified, these are not substitutable with other certifications of the same CEFR level.

The certifications allowed in the case of exemption from the internal test are specified in the paragraph below.

When filling out the online application, the applicant students are required to declare how they wish to demonstrate their language skills as shown in the diagram below:


In the programme registration confirmation email, you will find a link to the available dates for the language tests: new dates will be added as and when the vacancies are filled.

Please note that only one test may be taken per application period for the three Exchange, ISEP, Study Abroad programmes and only once for each language.


  • Part 1: 10-15 minute oral test on the Zoom/Teams platforms. The test includes:
    • listening comprehension test
    • text comprehension test
    • expressive capacity (vocabulary / grammatical correctness / pronunciation)
  • Part 2: to follow (within the next 24 hours) online (adaptive, max. 80 minutes): Listening, Grammar, Use of English


Certifications and/or qualifications that may exempt the candidate from taking the internal test are listed below. Next to each certification score is the CEFR level with which one enters the merit list for semester abroad programmes. 

It is emphasised that the validity of the certifications set out in the current call for applications must always be respected and, furthermore, that where explicitly requested by the destinations, IELTS and TOEFL certifications are not replaceable with certifications of the same CEFR level.

See valid certifications

English: students studying within a degree programme delivered in English, or with an IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) may be exempted from the internal test. In this case, they will be automatically assessed at level B2.1 and must enclose with their application the self-certification of enrolment in the degree programme in English or a copy of the international diploma. Those who believe they have a higher level than those listed above can prove this by valid certification or internal testing.

If you have additional certifications that are not mentioned on this page, you can send them to, which will reply on the validity for application purposes. Certificates of attendance at language courses are not valid.


Language test results

The results of the internal Cattolica tests are published in this section.

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