Study Abroad

Registration and selection

All students who are duly enrolled at Università Cattolica both at the time of application for the programme and at the time of the mobility may apply for the semester abroad programmes.


  • Students enrolled in the first year of an Undergraduate Degree Programme at the Faculty of Economics (Milan and Rome campuses) and the 'Inter-faculty Economics and Management of Art, Culture and Entertainment': the Faculty has decided that the semester abroad can be taken from the third year of the programme, not before.
  • Students enrolled in the 'Interfaculty EU Studies Investor Relations and Financial Communication' degree programme: students enrolled in this Graduate Degree Programme are not eligible to apply for calls for semester programmes as the course already includes mobility abroad
  • Students with matriculation for single courses
  • Students with an average mark of less than 24/30 can apply ONLY for European destinations. In the absence of an average, a mark of not less than 90/110 will be accepted for Graduate Degree Programme freshmen and a mark of not less than 80/100 for Undergraduate Degree Programme freshmen.
  • FOR EXCHANGE PROGRAMME ONLY (Erasmus+ - Overseas): students planning a change of venue and/or Faculty cannot apply, as available places are linked to specific Faculties and/or degree programmes

Iscriviti al programma Study Abroad

The Exchange, Study Abroad and ISEP programmes have separate enrolments. Each candidate may choose to run for more than one programme at the same time. The rankings for the three programmes will be released at the same time and it will be up to the students to decide, if they are selected for more than one, which programme to join definitively.

The application for each programme includes 3 steps to be completed by 20 May 2022:

  1. Completing the online programme registration
  2. Demonstration of language skills
  3. Payment of the application fee (a separate fee for each programme and non-refundable)

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