Study Abroad

Selection results and assignment

In the weeks following the closure of the programmes, a ranking list for each of the three programmes Exchange, ISEP and Study Abroad will be drawn up and published simultaneously. 

The rankings follow the criteria indicated in the section "Score Calculation Formulas".

The rankings only serve to allocate the scholarships, which are distributed proportionally among the candidates of the different faculties.

All candidates who meet the academic and linguistic entry requirements for their preferred destination are admitted to the programme.

Once the selections are complete, Cattolica International will convene the selected students - via @icatt email - for a meeting with the programme coordinator followed by a meeting with the professors in charge of exam recognition.  

Attendance at these meetings should be considered crucial for the successful organisation of one's semester abroad.

Cattolica International will proceed by reallocating the scholarships in order of ranking in the event of renunciation of successful candidates.

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