Semester and Double Degree

What is the Double Degree

A Double Degree is a pathway that involves doing part of one's academic career at Università Cattolica and part of it at a foreign university: a prolonged study experience abroad (an entire academic year, and in some cases two) with the aim of obtaining an equally recognised qualification, both in Italy and in the foreign country concerned.  

A degree with a distinctly international slant, with a guarantee of high language proficiency and with market expendability of great potential.

The academic evaluations prior to the formulation of these proposals required a great deal of work to compare the study paths, syllabuses and course programmes that could be used during the period to be spent abroad and consequently recognised within one's academic curriculum. In order to fully understand the details of these pathways, it is therefore advisable to contact the respective academic contact persons.

Aimed at: Cattolica Students
Destinations: Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, United States, Mexico, Czech Republic, China

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