Selection results and assignment

In the weeks following the closure of the programmes, a ranking list for each of the three programmes Exchange, ISEP and Study Abroad will be drawn up and published simultaneously. 

The rankings follow the criteria indicated in the section "Score Calculation Formulas"

The ISEP rankings are used to allocate places and scholarships, distributed proportionally among the candidates of the different Faculties.

The criteria adopted by ISEP for placement are the number of places available at the individual universities and the availability of courses in the student's area of study.
In the event that ISEP is unable to assign one of the indicated destinations, an alternative placement will be proposed that is academically appropriate to the student's profile.

The assignment of one of the universities chosen by the student is NOT AUTOMATIC or GUARANTEED; therefore, it is important to take the placement probability list into account when searching for a university. At the end of the Placement Process the student will be notified by email by Cattolica International. Acceptance must be in writing and completed by payment of the programme fee.

Once the selections are complete, Cattolica International will convene the selected students - via @icatt email - for a meeting with the programme coordinator followed by a meeting with the professors in charge of exam recognition. Attendance at these meetings should be considered crucial for the successful organisation of one's semester abroad.

Once a successful selection has been made by Cattolica International, the student must make the final registration on the ISEP portal, according to the deadlines that will be communicated to those selected.

Students should then forward their list of preferred destinations (up to 10) to ISEP together with the following documents:

  • valid International Certification or Language Proficiency Report
  • reference letter in English, from a Cattolica professor (it is advisable to request it already at the pre-selection stage)
  • certificate in English with examinations and marks from the current career 'transcript of records' and - for Graduate Degree Programme students - also the supplementary diploma from the previous career (Undergraduate Degree Programme)
  • valid TOEFL/IELTS examination certificate
  • if a non-English-speaking destination is chosen, a 'Writing Sample', which will serve to give ISEP more indication of the student's writing skills

Cattolica International will proceed with any repechage of candidates on the waiting list as long as registration can still be managed.


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