ISEP Exchange


Applicants can choose ISEP network destinations within Europe and outside the EU so long as they satisfy destination university requirements

Open the map via the link below to view all destinations. Apply the "ISEP Exchange" filter and other filters for geographical area, language level and study area.

Within the ISEP application, it will not be possible to indicate preferred destinations, but the sole option to be selected will be: Worldwide ISEP. The list of destinations will be communicated directly to ISEP in a phase following the selection.

It is also important to check placement probability which is updated every semester. You will be able to see which universities have increased competitiveness. ISEP is committed to respecting students lists of preferences, but they cannot guarantee that you will be offered a destination in your list. You can choose universities from different countries as long as you satisfy the language requirements specified for each destination.
Choose at least four courses for each destination.

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