Exchange (Erasmus+ & Overseas)

Language requirements

For the Exchange, ISEP Exchange, and Study Abroad programmes currently open, will be considered valid international certifications and language tests taken and passed from October 1, 2022, onwards.

When completing the online application, candidates are required to state how they want to demonstrate their language skills as shown below:

  1. Test interno già effettuato nel passato  
    Select this option if you have already taken a Cattolica International language test. The system will display previous test dates, and you must select the date of the test you wish to compete with.
  2. Test interno da effettuare
    Select this option if you want book a test date
  3. Certificazione già conseguita 
    Select this option to attach IELTS / TOEFL / other valid certification
  4. Iscritto ad un corso in lingua inglese  
    Select this option for internal test exemption and assignment of B2.1 level
  5. Altra attestazione
    Select this to attach a copy of Foreign Diplomas or a copy of the certificate with exams, grades, and dates for the recognition of SELDA linguistic suitability at level B1.1 or B2.1 (no placement test).
    For Portuguese language destinations, a certificate/diploma proving proficiency in such language can be uploaded. If you don't hold any Portoguese language skills you can declare, via self-certification, that you want to compete in the ranking with the level obtained in English.

  6. Iscritto ad un corso di laurea con studi in lingua cinese, araba, russa 
    Only for students of the Faculty of Linguistic sciences and Foreign literatures

Please note that for destinations specifying a requirement for IELTS or TOEFL, other certification of equal CEFR level is not accepted. 

Some academic qualifications / diplomas / certificates can be attached to the application to be exempted from the Cattolica International language test. Please note that where exclusively required, IELTS and TOEFL cannot be substituted by anything else.

Even in cases of exemption, the validity date specified by the announcement must be respected for international certifications.

Exemption cases:

  • English
    If you are studying on a degree course delivered in English, or if you are in possession of an International Baccalaureate Diploma, you can decide not to take the internal test and will be automatically assigned a B2.1 level. 
  • Spanish / German
    If you have a foreign diploma obtained in a Spanish or German-speaking country, you will be automatically assigned a B2.1 level.
  • French
    If you have an ESABAC Diploma, you can decide not to take the internal test and will be automatically assigned a B2.2 level. 
  • Portoguese
    If you have a foreign diploma in a Portoguese / Brazilian country, you will be automatically assigned a B2.2 level. No internal tests in Portuguese are planned; the proficiency level demonstrated for the English language will also be recorded in the system for destinations in Portuguese as language 1.
  • SELDA test (for the above-mentioned languages)
    if you passed the SELDA test after 1st October 2022, with the result "approved", you will be assigned B1.1 level. If you passed the SELDA test wit B2 result, you will be assigned B2.1 level.

If you believe you have a higher level than those indicated above, you can prove this through certification or our internal test.

Accepted language certifications

For any certification not mentioned on this page, you can send a copy to and we will let you know whether it can be used for the purposes of your application. Certificates of attendance at language courses are not valid.

Within the online registration, candidates can book an available test date.

Only one test can be taken for the application period of the three programmes - Exchange, ISEP Exchange, Study Abroad - and only one for each language.


French - Spanish - German

Students undertake an oral test lasting 10-15 minutes on Zoom/Teams platforms. The test includes:

  • Listening 
  • Verification of comprehension of a text
  • Speaking (vocabulary/grammar/pronunciation)



Part 1: Oral test lasting 10-15 minutes on Zoom/Teams. The test includes:

  • Listening
  • Verification of comprehension of a text 
  • Speaking (vocabulary/grammatical/pronunciation)

Part 2: Online test to be undertaken within 24 hours of the oral test: adaptive test, max. 80 minutes – listening, grammar, use of English. 

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