Exchange (Erasmus+ & Overseas)

Results of selection and assignment

In the weeks following the closure of the programme applications, separate rankings are drawn up for each of the three programmes - Exchange (Erasmus+ Overseas), ISEP Exchange and Study Abroad – which will all be published at the same time. 

Criteria used to rank the applicants are listed in the "Formulas for Score Calculation" section.

The rankings are not drawn up "by destination" but "by Faculty". Based on the ranking order of each Faculty, the assignment of destinations is carried out by taking account of applicants’ preferences, and verifying each applicant’s academic and language prerequisites of the language 1 of the first destination.

Candidates can register preferences for a minimum of 1 destination up to a maximum of 10 destinations. The office will only assign destinations listed in the preferences of each candidate. Assignment of alternative destinations is not possible. 

After the selection process, Cattolica International will email the selected students (at their @icatt mailbox) inviting them to attend a meeting with the programme coordinator and a meeting with academic staff in charge of exam recognition. It is essential that you attend these meetings if your semester abroad is to be organised properly. 

Cattolica International will forward destination universities data regarding the selected students. Some universities will contact students directly to provide them with information. Others may not and students will then be expected to enquire themselves about registration procedure at their destination university.  

You are required to enrol as a student at the destination university in line with instructions from your contact person and the destination university: you will have to check on the destination university website for information on procedure, required documentation and the deadline for submitting your application form. 

Cattolica International will continue with further selection of applicants from the reserve list while it is still possible to manage enrolment at destination universities. 

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