Exchange (Erasmus+ & Overseas)

Selection results and assignment

In the weeks following the closing of the programmes, a ranking list for the three programmes Exchange, ISEP and Study Abroad will be drawn up and published simultaneously. 
The rankings follow the criteria indicated in the section “Score Calculation Formulas”.

Rankings are not made “by destination” but “by Faculty”. Based on the ranking order of each Faculty, the allocation of destinations is carried out taking into account primarily the preferences expressed, verifying the academic and linguistic requirements of the individual candidates.

In the event that one of the expressed preferences cannot be assigned, a proposal for a 6th destination will be made, if the candidate has requested this possibility during registration. The 6th destination is proposed where there are vacancies within the destinations of a given Faculty. In this case, following the Faculty rankings, 6th destination proposals are made. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that the destination of interest has courses aligned to their area of study.

Each candidate will be asked if the 5 destinations are exclusive or if the international office can propose a 6th destination if the first 5 preferences expressed are not available. The 6th destination will only be offered to candidates who have expressed preference for at least 3 destinations, not less.
The proposal of a 6th destination occurs only once and the proposal is not modifiable. In the event of a renunciation, students will be exclusively reserved for one of their preferred destinations. 

In the case of a 6th destination, students may choose to accept it, or reject it and remain on the waiting list for their preferences. The assignment of one of the five preference destinations is binding; once you receive the assignment, you can either accept it or reject it. 
Refusal in this case entails renouncing any possible new assignment.

Once the selections are complete, Cattolica International will convene the selected students - via email @icatt - for a meeting with the programme coordinator followed by a meeting with the lecturers in charge of exam recognition. Attendance at these meetings should be considered crucial for the successful organisation of one’s semester abroad.

Cattolica International will communicate the data of all selected students to the destination universities. Subsequently, some universities will contact the students to provide information, others will simply register the data of the designated students who will have to find out about the enrolment procedures at the universities in question themselves.

All students are required to register as students at the foreign university, following the instructions given by their contact person and the foreign university: that is, they must check on the site of their destination what the procedures are, what documentation is required and the deadline for sending the application form.
Cattolica International will proceed with the repechage of candidates on the waiting list as long as it is still possible to manage enrolment at foreign universities. 

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