Short programmes

Summer programmes

Summer Programmes give you the opportunity to spend two to eight weeks abroad in the summer, at one of our global top ranking partner universities and choose exams to take which you can apply for credit recognition for.  

The Summer Programmes are aimed at all Cattolica students who want to take one or more courses at a university abroad during the summer months. Recent graduates are also eligible up to 12 months after graduation so long as they are not enrolled at another university.

You do not need to demonstrate a minimum grade average to take part. You need proof of a good knowledge of English; the required level varies depending on the destination. Cattolica International organises preparation courses for international language certification and offers those without certification the option of taking an internal English test during the application phase. 

Applications open in December for some programmes and in January for all destinations.

NB Closing dates for programmes vary. 

Departure dates and how long individual programmes last depend on the destination. However, all courses are between two and eight weeks during the summer months. Departure dates for most courses is between July and August.  

Study grants awarded on the basis of academic merit are available for all destinations and are paid as a refund.  Applications for study grants are automatically submitted after application for the programme: you do not need to submit a specific application. In the awarding of grants, priority will be given to current students over recent graduates. 

Brescia Campus: additional grants are allocated by the Fondazione UBI Banco di Brescia specifically for students at the Brescia campus. Information about the grants will be provided when next application for Summer Programmes open.

Insurance cover and activation of the Student Safety Package is a requirement for all Summer Programmes.

How to apply?

  1. Subscribe to our Summer Programmes 2023 newsletter for news on start dates for applications – and keep updated on much more. 
  2. Join an Infosession
  3. Go to our "Destinations" page to discover the 2023 destinations 
  4. Read the instructions on how to apply for credit recognition
  5. Complete the online application. At this point you also pay a non-refundable application fee of € 35,  and you upload your language certification or book a Cattolica International language test.

More information: All you need to know about the Summer Programmes


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