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Virtual Exchange Programmes

Virtual Exchange Programmes are technology-assisted online communication exchange sessions and constructive interactions, undertaken between students from various countries with the support of educators or facilitators. The Virtual Exchange methodology has proved to be successful as a well-matched complement to in-person exchange since it allows more students to benefit from meaningful international and intercultural experiences as part of their studies.

    Intercultural skills are some of the highly demanded skills in the world of work, and improving your language skills is a pretty good thing!  
    A lot of students cannot take part in a mobility programme abroad for various reasons e.g. economic, family, health and so on. Virtual programmes don’t involve traveling abroad, which means an international experience is feasible for everyone.  
  • They prepare you for the future! 
    Are you worried about spending time abroad? A new country, a new culture, a new language – all this can make you apprehensive. This programme helps you get to know all these aspects of a new place before you go in person. 
  • They are faculty approved and credits may be awarded! 
    These Virtual Exchange Programmes are approved by your faculty and credit points can be awarded.

Virtual Exchange Programmes are aimed at students on specific degree programmes in specific faculties and are held in English.

You do not need a minimum grade point average to take part, and you do not need to demonstrate a specific language level, although you should have a good level of English.

You can apply from October onwards but be aware that each programme has its own application deadline.  

The programmes take place in both the first and the second semester for a period between 4 and 10 weeks.

  1. Choose the Virtual Exchange Programme that suits you best
  2. Complete the online programme application. You have to pay an application fee for your application to be complete. 
  3. Read the instructions on how to apply for credit points for the programme.

Virtual Exchange Programmes


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