Enrolment, transfer, withdrawal

Attendance at individual courses

It is possible to attend and, if necessary, take examinations in individual courses (Single Courses). Single courses make it possible to supplement personal training and/or obtain curricular supplements.

The following may enrol in a single course:

  1. students enrolled at a foreign university in compliance, for foreign citizens, with the regulations in force;
  2. students enrolled on courses at Italian universities with the prior authorisation of the Council of the competent teaching structure of their university
  3. anyone already in possession of a university degree or master's degree, in order to complete the curriculum followed;
  4. anyone interested, not falling within the categories referred to in the previous points, in possession of the qualifications necessary for enrolment in the programme to which the single course relates, previously authorised by the Council of the competent teaching structure;

It is possible to enrol in single courses for a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per academic year and for no more than two academic years (except in special cases of specific Faculties).

The application form for single courses is available at the Student Services Centre of the course location or can be downloaded here.

The terms and the amount of the enrolment fee are determined by the Contribution Regulations

The application can be sent to:

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