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International volunteering

Applications are currently closed.

Information for the 2023 programme is available below.

Information on International Volunteering opportunities for the 2023-2024 academic year will be available from September 2023.

The International Volunteering programme provides an opportunity to take part in cooperation, development and support projects within local communities. 

The programme is designed for current Cattolica students and recent Cattolica graduates (within 12 months of graduation date).
You don’t need to have had previous experience of volunteering but you do need to be able to demonstrate a good level of English. You don’t need to have a certificate to take an English test: your language proficiency will be assessed directly by WorldEndeavours after applications close.  

Applications close on 20 March 2023

Projects last either 3 or 4 weeks – you can choose. Dates are as follows: 

  • Option A: from 16 July to 5 August or 12 August
  • Option B: from 30 July to 19 or 26 August
  • Option C: from 13 August to 2 or 9 September

25 scholarships are available, to the value of €1,200 each. They will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and paid as reimbursement of expenses. Your programme application automatically forwards your application for a scholarship. The scholarships will be assigned after applications close, based on academic merit, i.e., grade average, credits accumulated, and Bachelor degree grade if available. 

Precedence in the assignment of scholarships will be given to current Cattolica students over recent Cattolica graduates. 

  • Application fee: €35 (this is non-refundable and is paid during the application process) 
  • Deposit fee: €250, to be paid after applications close, as confirmation of your intention to continue with the application. 
  • Programme fee:
    • 3 weeks: $2,335 to be paid directly to WorldEndeavors after confirmation of eligibility 
    • Programme fee of $2,335 to be paid directly to WorldEndeavors after confirmation of eligibility

Some Wildlife Conservation projects involve an additional cost of $450 or $550. See the destinations page for more details.

Cost details

The cost of the programme includes:

  • orientation and support during application for the volunteering project 
  • assistance before departure 
  • 24/7 emergency number while abroad 
  • local contact person 
  • pick-up service upon arrival at the airport 
  • volunteering for 20 or 30 hours per week
  • accommodation in apartments, apartment hotels or with local families
  • meals where specified
  • health insurance for the duration of the programme, and the Safety App 
  • certificate of participation and description of the activity carried out 
  • self-assessment session upon return held by Cattolica International: "Welcome Back: unpack your experience!" 

The following are not included in the cost of the programme: 

  • return flights 
  • visa costs, if applicable
  • vaccination costs, if applicable
  • anything not specified in the previous paragraph

  1. Go along to an info-session 
  2. Check out the "Destinations" page and select your project
  3. Read through the information about getting credits accepted for the project.
  4. Complete your application online: this will involve uploading your CV and a motivation letter, plus payment of the application fee.  


After applications close
About a week after applications close, you will be notified via email whether you have been accepted on the programme. At that point you will be asked to pay a deposit of €250 as confirmation that you intend to take part in the programme. The rest of the cost of the programme will be paid directly to WorldEndeavors.

If you submit confirmation that you intend to take part in the programme you will be invited to attend a first orientation meeting. This will take place in the weeks after applications close and at that point you must have chosen the destination and volunteer project that you wish to proceed with your application for.

During the weeks after applications close you will receive final confirmation of the volunteer project you will be taking part in; only at that point should you purchase your flight.

You will be provided with further details about accommodation approximately one month before the scheduled departure date.



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