Short programmes

Prerequisites for Summer Programmes

There is no minimum grade average requirement to take part in a Summer Programme, but you will have to submit proof of knowledge of English as follows: 

  • Language certification
    If you have language certification dated from May 2022 onwards, you can upload this to your online application. 
    NB: certification and score prerequisites vary according to destination. Refer to the programme flyers for details.  
    It is your responsibility to check what certification and scores are required for a destination. 

    The Faculty of Linguistic Sciences students also have to either submit a language certificate or take a Cattolica International language test.

    Other Cattolica exams, e.g., Business English, are not accepted for applications.
  • Cattolica International internal test
    Don’t have a language certificate? You can take an English test with Cattolica International* instead. 
    • The minimum CEFR level requirement for most of the Summer Programmes is B2.1.
    • You can choose a date to take the Cattolica International test during the online application phase. We recommend that you take the test on the first available date to avoid not being able to find an available slot later on.
    • The test is conducted online. You can register for the test during the application process. You will be emailed a Zoom link by the day before the test.  
    • You can only take the test once.  
    • If you have the required minimum level or above from a Cattolica International internal test previously taken from May 2022 onwards, you may use that test result if you wish. To do this you will need to report the test date in your online application.  
  • Attending a degree programme delivered in English
    If you are enrolled in a Cattolica degree programme taught in English, this is valid proof of language level for most Summer Programmes. Upload self-certification of enrolment on your degree programme to your online application. This document is available from the following iCatt page: Online Secretariat - Statements replacing certificates.
    A score of B2 will be assigned, which will be used for the ranking for the award of study grants.

* Exception: Neither the Cattolica International test nor enrolment on an English-taught programme is valid for Harvard University applications. Refer to the destination page for accepted language certification.

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