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Your personal page

Your virtual space where you can find important information for your university career and access the services offered by the University.

For those of you starting out, you can find the date of the Initial Preparation Check (VPI), submit your degree curriculum, contact the Student Services Centre, and access Blackboard where you can find course materials uploaded directly by lecturers.

On your iCatt personal page you will find information about:

  • personal data
  • university career, i.e. filling in the degree curriculum and registering for exams
  • important communications and notices from the Faculty and University services

With a single nominal account the student can access:

  • iCatt
  • Blackboard
  • iCatt Mobile
  • wireless access in the University
  • Off Campus service

iCatt is organised in four macro sections: homepage, online secretariat, courses and opportunities. From the courses section you can directly access the Blackboard courses of your professors.

#HowtoUnicatt ǀ the Student Personal Page

tutorial su icatt

You can access your iCatt Student Personal Page at the end of the registration process.
The access to iCatt is via the nominal account (user and password), with the same credentials used in the Registration Portal.
If you don't remember your account, use the "Forgotten user" function on the authentication page.
If you do not remember your password, please use the "Forgot password" function on the authentication page.

Do not include your surname, first name or matriculation number in your password. It is mandatory to enter upper and lower case characters, numbers and at least one special character (e.g. .!?;...). Use at least 8 characters. You can imagine a sentence, the title of a song, a book containing at least one letter and one number. For example: on the first day of summer: tFdoS213!

Registration in Blackboard courses (Undergraduate, Graduate or Integrated five year/six year degree programme students from the Po Valley sites or from the Faculty of Economics, Rome campus)

Go to the COURSES section. If you have already submitted your degree curriculum, go to the ACADEMIC YEAR you are interested in (1st year, 2nd year, etc.). On the right-hand side, under each course, if there is at least one active Blackboard course, you will find the button Bb Login.

Click SELECT on the course you are interested in (professor and academic year).

To access the course click on the link

If you have not yet submitted your degree curriculum or if the course you are interested in is not listed in the academic year view, go to COURSES, SEARCH COURSES.
The teaching search is pre-set on the Faculty of your seat. Enter the course or the professor's surname and click SEARCH. Select the course and confirm your choice by clicking Yes, ADD COURSE. You will find the course and all the information in the RESEARCHED COURSES section. If there is at least one active Blackboard course for the selected course, you will find the button Bb Login. Follow the directions above.
If you have already selected the Blackboard courses you are interested in, you can access them directly from the Bb COURSES view by clicking LOGIN.

Registration in Blackboard courses (Faculty of Medicine - Rome Campus)

After submitting your Study plan, you can enrol in Blackboard courses for the current academic year's Undergraduate, Graduate and Integrated degree programmes directly in the Courses section of your iCatt page. By selecting the reference year, you can view the courses related to your Study plan.

To add Blackboard Courses follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Detail/Bb Login" button to expand the list of individual modules;
  • Next, click on the "Bb Login" button and then choose "Select" to add the Blackboard course you are interested in.

You can now access the Blackboard Course you have enrolled in from the "Bb Courses" section.


You can connect here, log in with your usual credentials and then follow the instructions for changing your password.

If you have forgotten your iCatt access password you can use the "Forgot password" function. From the authentication page click on FORGOT PASSWORD and follow the instructions.

Click on FORGOTTEN USER, you will be asked to enter your tax code, then CONFIRM. On the next page you will be asked to select the type of recovery. You will be sent a notice indicating your NOMINAL ACCOUNT.

You can send an email to:  specifying your details and describing in detail the problem and the operations carried out. If possible, also include a screenshot of any error messages returned by the authentication system.

In the HOME PAGE section, you will find the YOUR PERSONAL DATA form. Click EDIT YOUR DATA and SAVE to record the changes.

The environment is organised in five sections:

  • Home Page - you can consult communications relating to your studies and academic career and request information; view the exams of the day and available computer rooms and be updated on changes to timetables and rooms. You can also change your personal data.
  • Online registrar - gathers all the useful functions for managing your academic career: degree curriculum, filling in the income form, submitting the application for graduation, etc.
  • Courses - view course information, select your favourites, register for exams and access your professors’ Blackboard courses.
  • Opportunities - to help you discover all the opportunities offered by the University through a targeted selection of information: the library, book loans and rental noticeboard, study abroad opportunities, job and internship offers.
  • Help – contains support materials to use iCatt and Blackboard.
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