Tools and support

iCatt app

To make sure you don't miss out on any of the announcements, download the iCatt App to consult courses, timetables and classrooms, get real time updates on suspended and extraordinary lessons, view available calls and register for exams.

Using the same credentials as on your personal iCatt page, you can:

  • consult the list of courses, timetables and classrooms
  • direct access to online materials by linking to the BlackBoard "Bb Student" app
  • be updated in real time on suspended and extraordinary lessons and classroom changes
  • view available dates and register for exams
  • consult your career status via the "Booklet" function: credits obtained, weighted and arithmetic average, graph of exam progress, etc.
  • receive notices from the Student Services Centre and send your requests for information
  • access to Library services
  • consult the professors’ office hours and contact details
  • search for classrooms using the "Maps" function
  • managing attendance
  • book access to the campus


If you have not already done so, please download the latest update. You will find particularly useful features, including the Feedback section to leave your comments and suggestions:


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