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Destination Silicon Valley (USA)

students enrolled on the 1st year of the following M.Sc. programmes:

  • Global Business Management
  • Innovazione e Imprenditorialità digitale
  • Food Marketing e Strategie Commerciali
  • Banking e Consulting
  • Gestione d’Azienda
Application deadline 15 July 2024
Programme dates 2 February - 8 February 2025


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Destination Montana (USA)
Target students
  • 1st year of MSc in Management
  • 1st year of MSc in Innovation and Technology Management
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Business Management
  • Recent graduates of the degree programmes listed above (up to 12 months from graduation) 
Application deadline 8 April 2024
Programme dates 31 August - 8 September 2024


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