Internships give you the opportunity tu put to the test the knowledge you have gained through your studies in a real working environment. This direct experience can help you find out exactly how interested and motivated you are in pursuing a particular professional career, especially if you have never been inside a company before and have an image in your mind which is different from the real situation.

An internship is an investment which can take off your career.

Here is some information about the internship:

Involved subjects
Promoter (Università Cattolica), host company and intern.

Agreement between promoter and host organisation, and formative plan for curricular internships and professional internships.

Università Cattolica will insure the trainees with an insurance against accidents at work in addition to taking out third-party insurance with insurance companies providing such policies.

Internship tutors
By law, there are two internship tutors: one from the university (responsible for educational and organisational tasks) and one from the host company (responsible for the intern’s integration into the workplace).

Length of internships
The maximum length of an internship for graduates may not exceed six months (in the same company). For students enrolled on academic activities delivered by Università Cattolica, the maximum length may not exceed twelve months (in the same company). The maximum internship length for students with disabilities[ME1]  is twenty-four months.

International citizens
The legislation also applies to EU nationals who carry out work experience in Italy, including within EU programmes, inasmuch as they fall within the regulation. It also applies to non-EU citizens, in line with principles of reciprocity.

The University can also set up internships in the twelve months following the completion of studies. At the end of this period applicants should contact the Internship Office of Lombardy Region, the Labour Office of the Province, or to the trade union associations in the area.

The internships that Università Cattolica sets up are governed by the following regulations - ITA

Internship activation process

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