Degree curriculum

Political and Social Sciences


Submission period: 11 October to 29 October 2021
Submission schedule: 11 October to 29 October 2021


Undergraduate Degree Programmes

In order to choose/change your degree curriculum, you must have renewed your enrolment for the academic year 2021/22 with the payment of the first instalment.

All students are required to submit their degree curriculum in accordance with the Faculty Guide via their iCatt personal page.

It is necessary to indicate the curriculum/profile, if provided for in the degree programme.
This indication allows the automatic inclusion of compulsory subjects in the degree curriculum to facilitate their compilation


Students can REMOTELY contact the virtual counter at the Student Services Centre by RESERVATION, through their iCatt personal page > Segreteria on line > Appointments.

Students who are having difficulty completing their degree curriculum and need support/assistance or would like personalised advice can contact the counter.

If the curriculum (cf. Faculty Guide) provides for the possibility of choosing "Educational activities of the student's choice" since the assessment is the responsibility of the Faculty bodies, students must confirm the degree curriculum online and send to the email address  

  • the receipt of the degree curriculum (insert the courses proposed online)
  • the Variation of Optional Activities Form, completed to specify the replacement of a course provided for in the Guide by another proposed by the student


Students wishing to enter supernumerary courses, advances or exceptions, if provided for in the Faculty Guide, after submitting and confirming the online degree curriculum, must:

send a copy of the printout of the receipt with the courses they intend to add for subsequent approval by the Faculty to the mailbox:

In the subject line of the email, please include Matriculation number - Surname Name - Degree Programme

LABORATORIES for the COMMUNICATION AND SOCIETY programme: complete the online enrolment procedure before adding them to your degree curriculum.

Students enrolled in the first year of the degree programme in POLITICAL SCIENCES AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS who wish to change their curriculum: click on the CURRICULUM CHOICE heading and make your choice.


Students awaiting enrolment must submit their degree curriculum within 15 days of the date of completion of enrolment.

Students enrolled following transfer from another university, passage, second degree, resumption of career and all those who request changes to their degree curriculum other than those provided for by the Faculties, after submitting their degree curriculum, must wait for its approval before being able to view it on their iCatt page.

It is advisable to print the degree curriculum as a receipt.

It is important to submit the curriculum on time.

For delays within seven days of the deadline, the degree curriculum may still be submitted, subject to payment of a late payment fee of €100.

In the event of a longer delay, a non-changeable degree curriculum will be assigned.

Graduate Degree Programmes

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