Tuition and University fees

Studying at Università Cattolica has a cost that varies depending on several factors: the equivalised household income, the equivalised income brackets, the nature of the income and the programme in which you enrol.


Income must be entered via the web application available on the student's personal iCatt page. For students renewing their enrolment for academic years subsequent to the first, income must be entered no later than the date indicated in the General Regulations for tuition fees. After this date, a late payment of €15 is applied.

Students admitted as non-EU residents with fixed tuition fees: students admitted as non-EU residents i.e. who declare that their household income is not generated within the European Union or associated states are assigned fixed tuition fees that may vary depending on the programme. Students are advised of details of the tuition rate in their admission letter. Students who are assigned fixed tuition fees ARE EXEMPT from submitting a household income declaration.

There are five instalments with the following deadlines

Instalments and deadlines a.y. 2022/2023

  • FIRST INSTALMENT - the deadline is 19 SEPTEMBER 2022, except for different deadlines for enrolment depending on the admission criteria set out in the call for applications for degree programmes with a pre-set number of students


Payment of instalments relating to university tuition fees issued after 13 April 2021 is made using PagoPA, the system set up by the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AgID) to facilitate payments to the public administration.
Over the next few months, other types of fees will also be progressively brought into line with the new method, while the MAV will continue to be used only for fees already issued in the past and not yet paid, for which the student has in any case printed the form.


It is possible to take out a loan with Banca Popolare di Sondrio to pay university fees in instalments.

Read more in this document: CATTOLICard

The request can be made from the student's personal iCatt page in the Segreteria on line > Contributi e agevolazioni > Bollettino contributi (On-line secretariat > Contribution and benefits > Contribution bulletin ) section, entering the dedicated Banca Popolare di Sondrio portal.

The dedicated section is active when instalments are still due. 



Payment for renewal of enrolment for the year following the first year must be made before the start of the lectures for the degree programme and in any case no later than 19 September 2022. If the payment is made after this deadline and in any case by 31 December 2021, compensation for late payment will be applied in proportion to the extent of the delay.

After the deadline of 31 December 2022, all renewals, including the allowance for late payment, will result in off-course enrolment. In this case, in order to regularise your position, you will need to go to the Student Services Centre at your seat (for the Milan seat – Tuition Fees Area).
As to the enrolment procedure for the 2022/2023 academic year, proceed as follows via your personal iCatt page:

  1. Make the payment of the first instalment of university fees and tuitions.
  2. In the "Contributi e agevolazioni" section you will find the form for payment by Pago PA; it is NOT POSSIBLE to pay by bank transfer
  3. Fill in the conventional household income declaration via the web application (by 5 November 2022 at the latest).

In the section "Contributi e agevolazioni" you will find a simple guided procedure called "Compilation of income form". In this regard, please remember to attach the income documentation in electronic format (pdf). If no documentation is provided by the deadline, the University will definitively allocate the maximum income bracket for the degree programme.
Failure to pay the envisaged instalments and the relevant fines (including those for late/failure to enter income online) will result in the loss of administrative regularity; this will result in the inability to carry out education acts, in particular registration for profit or degree examinations will not be possible. Administrative regularity will be restored once the bank has established that the instalment due and the relevant penalty payment have been paid.


Original receipts for payment of university fees must be kept until the end of the university career, also for tax deduction purposes. If you lose your receipts, you can request a replacement certificate from the Student Services Centre of the relevant campus (Career Area - Yellow Area for the Milan campus), the cost of which is established in the General Regulations.

If a student pays an instalment late, a late payment fee is due, the amount of which varies according to the date of payment of the instalments. As long as the payment is not registered, the administrative regularity will cease to exist and therefore: it is not possible to register for profit and degree exams, it is not possible to print certificates. Both late payment fees and instalments can be printed from your personal page iCatt. Indemnities for late payment shall be paid at the same time as the payment of the instalments for which they arose. Please note that the registration of payments is automated and can take up to 10 working days, so you should make your payments on time.

A student who is gainfully employed and has produced an income of at least €9,000, net of contributions, has a 15% reduction on the total amount provided for the second and third instalments and deducted when the latter are issued. This facilitation does not apply to students who generate income in the form of participation.

Students can benefit from partial or total facilitations, as they belong to the following categories:

  • working students;
  • enrolled students belonging to the same household;
  • family unit with disabled people;
  • undergraduates enrolled fuori corso who only take the final examination in the summer session;
  • student enrolled in the first year of the Mathematics programme;
  • student with a disability; student receiving a grant from the Italian Government.

Students who, although already included in the minimum income bracket, find themselves in particularly difficult and serious financial circumstances due to unforeseen causes not directly attributable to them and are unable to obtain EDUCatt benefits, including cases of a drastic reduction in family income, duly substantiated and referring to the 2020 calendar year (excluding the revocation of scholarships), may apply for a reduction in university fees and/or an extension of the payment deadline for instalments, to be requested before their natural expiry date.
To submit your application, together with the appropriate documentation, please contact the Tuition Fees Office of the Student Services Centre (for the Milan campus) and the offices of the Student Services Centre (for the Brescia, Piacenza/Cremona and Rome campuses) by booking an appointment on your personal iCatt page.
Alternatively, you can send an information request from your personal iCatt page. The file must be submitted by 15 January 2021.

There are two requirements:

  • have been living independently for at least two years in their own home or in a rented home with a contract in the student's name (excluding gratuitous loans) in a home that is not in the possession of their parents or relatives up to the fourth degree of kinship;
  • have stable and continuous employment with an income of at least €13,000.00, net of contributions; this income must not be in the form of a shareholding in a company and must not derive from members of the student's family or from companies that can be traced back to them.

The student is returned to the family of origin and the contributions are therefore calculated on the basis of the income received by the parents and each member of the student's family status, minus any deductions due.

The conventional household includes the student and all family members including the non-cohabiting, separated/divorced or unmarried parent.
Contributions are calculated on the basis of the income of all family members and 50% of the income of the parent who is separated/divorced or not married or not cohabiting, plus 50% of the income of family members other than the student and the parents (excluding the student's spouse); this deduction cannot exceed the sum of the income received by the parents and the student.

Students who believe they will be awarded a degree by the extraordinary session in April do not have to enrol in the following academic year, nor pay the first instalment (which is non-refundable), but must pay the relevant graduation fee. If the graduation is postponed, the students must enrol in the following academic year with delay and pay the first instalment and the relevant late payment. The students must then enter their income using the web application available on their personal page iCatt and, once the payment of the first instalment and the related arrears have been registered, go to the counters in the blue area of the Student Service Centre to enter the registration for the academic year and issue the subsequent instalments and related arrears.

The first instalment is non-refundable as it results in immediate enrolment for the academic year, in which case the student is not required to pay the graduation fee.

A student who loses the EDUCatt grant must necessarily regularise the payments of the previous academic year's instalments.

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