Psychology | Milan

In order to choose/modify the Study Plan students must have renewed their enrolment to the academic year 2020/2021 through the payment of the first instalment (the enrolment will be effective about 7-10 days after payment).

All students are required to present the study plan according to the indications provided in the Faculty guide through the personal iCatt page.


Students awaiting enrolment will present the Study Plan within 15 days sincethe completion of enrolment.

Students enrolled following transfer from another university, transfer from another degree programme within Università Cattolica, second degree, resumption of studies and all those who request changes to their study plan other than those provided for by the Faculties, after submitting the plan, must wait for its approval before being able to view it on their iCatt page.Study plans will be checked from the day after the study plan submission period deadline and in any case in time for enrolment in the exams whose lessons are scheduled for the first semester.

It is advisable to print the study plan and keep the printout as a receipt.

It is important that you submit your study plan within the set deadlines.

Study plans submitted within 7 days after the deadline may still be accepted but you’ll be required to pay a late fee of €100.

If you have not submitted a study plan within 7 days after the deadline, then one will automatically be registered on your behalf which you will not be able to change.