Taking individual courses

Students may attend and potentially take exams for individual courses. By taking individual courses, students can supplement their own education and/or curriculum.

The following students can enrol on individual courses:

  1. students enrolled at a foreign university (in compliance with legislation in force, in the case of foreign citizens);
  2. students enrolled on programmes at Italian universities with the prior authorisation of the relevant Board at their university;
  3. anyone who already has an undergraduate or graduate degree, for the purpose of completing their curriculum;
  4. anyone else with the necessary qualifications to enrol on the programme of which the individual course is part, upon authorisation from of the relevant academic Board;

Students can enrol on individual courses totalling up to 30 credits per academic year and for no more than two academic years (with certain faculty-specific exceptions).

The enrolment request form for individual courses is available from Student Services of the campus where the course is taught or downloadable here.

The deadlines and fees for enrolling are determined by the Tuition and University fees regulations.