Replacing your university ID card or libretto (grade book)

Students need to go to Student Services on their respective campus to request a replacement student ID card.

If the card is a Carta Ateneo+ payment card, students need to call immediately Banca Popolare di Sondrio at 800 822 056 (+39 02 4540 3768 from outside Italy) to block it. Students will then need to report the loss/theft to the relevant authorities and, with a copy of the report, go to the bank branch to withdraw the remaining funds.

The issuing of new student cards may take up to around 15 days and costs €30, in line with the Tuition and University fees regulations.

Only the Faculty of Law at the Milan campus and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Rome campus currently issue and require the use of a Student grade book (libretto).

To request a replacement, students need to go to Student Services on your campus. The admin fees for issuing duplicates are €50 the first time and €75 for subsequent copies. Students must also provide a €16 revenue stamp (marca da bollo).