Semester and Double Degree

At the time of enrolment, it is possible to indicate up to 5 destinations in order of preference, including both European Erasmus+ destinations and Overseas destinations, included in the list of available destinations of the Faculty to which you belong. 

In the case of interfaculty, if not specified in the list below, please refer to the destinations available for the mother faculty of your degree programme.

Please pay particular attention to:

  • The disciplinary area indicated for each destination, which does not correspond exactly to one’s degree programme and which defines the area in which the exchange agreement between the two universities is signed
  • the note of each destination
  • the examination history
  • the websites of the universities of interest to check the contents of the educational offer.

Dual-language destinations are strongly recommended for students with knowledge of both languages required: these destinations are characterised by notes stating a valid language value for two languages, e.g. 'English B1 required (or French B1 for access to French courses)'.
The primary language is the one in which the academic offer is normally widest, the secondary language offers one more opportunity to access foreign academic offerings, but it is important for each candidate to check carefully which and how many courses are available in that language. A candidate who only knows the secondary language may still apply for the destination and be selected even in the absence of proficiency in the primary language.

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