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Are there any economic subsidies?

Degree-seeking students who present legally valid disability documents are exempt from university fees. For further details please see Our beneficiaries.

Are there any economic subsidies for degree seeking students?

To be eligible for an exemption of tuition and university fees, students are required to submit specific documentation as dictated by Italian Law. For additional information see Our Beneficiaries (mettere link)

Is it possible to have access to learning support while attending the University as an exchange/study abroad student? 

Exchange/study abroad students may be eligible for learning support if adequate documentation is provided. Most importantly students must submit relevant information during the application process and contact the International Student Services at

Is accessibility to lectures and other activities of academic life guaranteed?

Disability and Dyslexia Services Offices are available to ensure access to all campus facilities and services and also provide, depending on the location, accompanying services (see Services).

How do I make an appointment with the pedagogy consultant? Is there a cost?

Please contact the DDS’ administrative office of the relevant campus by phone or go to the office during opening hours (see Contacts). All appointments with the pedagogy consultant are free of charge.

How can compensatory measures be requested for admission tests to degree programmes?

You must contact the Disability and Dyslexia Services Office according to the published procedures and deadlines (see Beneficiaries and Services). There may be exceptions for students applying with an international qualification, please contact for information.

How can compensatory measures for examinations be requested?

Only after at least the first interview with your pedagogy consultant can you proceed, and at least 15 days before the call for exams (appello) concerned:

  • Complete the dedicated online form provided by DDS

  • During the interview with the pedagogy consultant

Do you receive confirmation regarding the request for compensatory tools?

The DDS’ administrative office or the relevant pedagogy consultant will only contact students in the event of any problems.

If you do not take/pass an exam for which you have asked the instructor for compensatory measures, how can you request the measures in due time?

There is a specific procedure, contact the relevant DDS administrative office (see Contacts).


You can download our Disability and Dyslexia Services Brochure here.

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